Zoetrope Histories is an umbrella name for the various historical enterprises of Jo Bath.

Why Zoetrope? My middle name is Zoe, and I've always been fascinated by zoetropes (as a little girl I thought they were named specially for me...). Also, I think there's a great metaphor there for looking back at history - we might only get tiny windows on the past, but put them all together and you get something fluent, something informative, and something entertaining!

I've been involved in heritage education for many years, specialising in bringing history to life through artefacts, costume, games and art. I have worked as an Education Assistant at Bede's World and designed Explorer Backpacks for Newcastle Castle Keep, as well as working freelance in the field alongside The Time Bandits, That History Bloke, and The Mosstroopers, turning my hand to everything from Ancient Egyptian religion to the Spanish Civil War.

I am a qualified Teaching Assistant with full CRB disclosure and public liability insurance. I am also qualified to teach in the higher education sector (PTTLS) and the further education sector (having tutored with the Open University, especially on medical history, since 2001).

I have spent several years as a specialist oral historian and audio archivist, most notably as Oral History Co-ordinator at Beamish Museum. I have conducted over a hundred oral histories and transcribed many more. 

I am also a real doctor! My PhD is on Violence and Violent Crime in North East c1650-1720, which means I can legitimately tell people I am a doctor of crime...